Gray Painted China Cabinet with Decoupage Backing

Painted China Cabinet with Decoupage Backing

As soon as I got this vintage china cabinet I knew that I wanted it for myself. We have a bookcase in the living room that I intended to replace with this piece and fill with books. I love the look of a painted china cabinet filled with books. No one says you have to keep china inside.

The Before – Unfinished Vintage China Cabinet

This china cabinet is vintage, in great shape with fixed shelves and dovetail drawers. It also had this neat metal webbing of sorts over the side glass panels. And it also separates into two pieces which makes it much easier to get into my shop to work on.china-cabinet, vintage china cabinet, unfinished china cabinet, new york, staten island

Materials Needed / Source List:
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Let’s Get Started and Pick up the China Cabinet from Storage

We have been redesigning our entire living room. We’ve removed all of the old furniture, painted the walls and this piece will be a new addition to the room. We had the old layout for 7 years and were in desperate need of a change. When we went to pick up the china cabinet from storage, where it had been patiently waiting for its makeover I had hubby help me. I admit that I was a bit uneasy with hubby’s “babe its fiiiiine,  don’t worry” as we loaded it in the truck.  I’m the type that likes everything tied down tight, where he prefers to ‘wing it’. Can you see why I was concerned?furniture-in-truck, moving vintage furniture, pick up truck, vintage china cabinet, staten island

Thankfully we made it back without incident and I could get started!

Prepping China Cabinet for Paint

The first thing I did was pop off that backing for easier access to the inside of the cabinet. My tack puller and teeny tiny flat head screwdriver work best for this. The entire piece was then prepped for paint, this is my process for How to Prep Painted Furniture.pry-off-backing, remove china cabinet backing, remove back piece, painted china cabinet, nyc

Painting the China Cabinet

Once the back was removed I was able to get easy access to the inside of the cabinet which was painted in Tahoe which is a very light gray. This color has been quite popular lately, I recently completed a custom desk in this color Gray Painted Desk.

painted-light-gray-inside-cabinet, gray chalk paint, painted inside china cabinet

Wait, rewind. Before I could paint, I had to remove those metal pieces that covered the glass. They are really cool, but I don’t think they will work with the end result that I have planned. remove-decorative-wire, vintage china cabinet

I also had a loose piece near the top of the china cabinet that needed to be secured. But since it was a tight space I used my wood glue syringe to get just enough wood glue in the area without making a mess. wood-glue-syringe-for-tight-spaces

The hardware was removed and a long screw was placed in the hole and taped to make sure that even when closed I can still get the doors opened when needed.

remove-hardware-and-add-screw tape-screw-to-prevent-falling-out

Painting the China Cabinet

I decided to use up the leftover charcoal paint that I had from a previous custom painted china cabinet. You can check that makeover – Vintage China Cabinet if you’d like. The color was a mix of slate and derby, but I didn’t want a straight charcoal so I also added some Sailor (navy blue) as well as Cranberry Bliss to give the color a subtle purple undertone. I also decided to paint the inside of the drawers as well as the side cabinets in our newest color, Miner Blue.pop-of-color-inside, miner blue, pure home paint, chalk paint

The gray was missing that little something extra, so I then added a purple glaze to the crevices using Vibrant Splatter using a small artist brush.

vibrant-splatter, colored gel stain, pure home paint, purple glaze purple-vibrant-splatter-in-creases, vibrant splatter, glaze, purple glaze, pure home paint

Decoupage Fabric Backing

For an additional wow factor, I then decoupaged a gorgeous fabric to the back of the china cabinet that was so generously supplied by Spoonflower. The pattern is absolutely perfect for our new color scheme in the living room. You can find this same pattern HERE. If you have never used Spoonflower before then I can honestly tell you that they are amazing. The patterns can be ordered in fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper. The fabric can also be ordered in many different types and sizes. This was my first time using Spoonflower and I am in love.spoonflower, ocean indigo fabric, decoupage, painted china cabinet, just the woodsspoonflower-ocean-indigo, decoupage, painted china cabinet, coral fabric, indigo fabric

The Hardware – Painted Vintage Hardware

The original hardware was removed, cleaned and painted using tahoe and then silver and onyx hardware opulence to a silver gray finish. The hardware itself was and still is perfect with the piece. You can see my process for cleaning and painting hardware How to Prep, Clean & Paint Hardware.

painted-hardware painted-hardware-silver

Removing Paint From Glass

I was able to remove the center glass panel from the door, but I was unable to remove the glass from the side panels. Normally I use frog tape to cover the glass, but this time I was a bit lazy and painted the edges all willy nilly and got paint on the glass. So I had to break out my flat razor to remove the paint from the glass. This worked like a charm! scrape-paint-with-razor, remove paint from glass, painted china cabinet

The Result – Gray Painted China Cabinet with Decoupage Backing

There will be no books in here, sorry kids.

vintage-china-cabinet-painted, painted china cabinet, gray chalk paint, decoupage, spoonflowerspoonflower-fabris-decoupage, painted china cabinet, gray painted china cabinet, new york, staten island, nyc, vintage furniture vintage-painted-china-cabinet, painted china cabinet, new york, shabby chic, vintage furniture, painted furnituredecoupage-fabric, spoonflower, decoupage, painted china cabinet, new york, just the woods gray-and-purple-cabinet, painted china cabinet, staten island, vintage china cabinet painted-vintage-china-cabinet, decoupage, china cabinet, painted furntureindigo-blue-paint, miner blue, chalk paint, pop of color, painted drawers

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