Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

Barn Door Red Meets Metallic Bronze

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Barn Door Red Meets Metallic Bronze

When I bought this dresser I was ecstatic to find the Drexel name in the top drawer.  Drexel has been around since 1903 and has always stood for quality furniture.

Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

My customer decided to have this beauty customized with a metallic bronze body and custom red drawers.  She even sent me a photo of the bedroom where the dresser will go so I could do my best to color match the walls. blog room

Since the walls aren’t quite red, and they aren’t quite cranberry, we decided that Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paints Barn Door was the perfect match! I admit that I struggled with taking photos and the color is not as pink as the photos appear.  Here is a glimpse of a photo without any staging and lights next to the room and wall paint color.   Lighting and photography is an art that I’m still working on. (And I welcome/beg for any tips you may have)collage

Prep Work with my Helper

Before getting started I recruited my little helper to get out the dust bunnies from inside, since old furniture is almost always dusty! blog help

Next step was to bring the dresser into my shop for a thorough cleaning and prep.  The dresser has 9 drawers which all were in nice, clean condition..   except for ONE!  For whatever reason, one drawer was a bit of a mess.  I removed the spilled nail polish stain, and glued down pennies, then i sanded the wood inside the drawer and scrubbed it clean.  blog1It looked pretty good once I finished, especially considering the before. blog3

The dresser was hand painted on the outside in tanner brown and then glazed with bronze hardware opulence. Yes, you read correctly..  hardware opulence is not just for hardware!!Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser


Speaking of hardware, the original pulls were replaced with new pulls by none other than D. Lawless Hardware. We found these pretty ornate pulls but they only came in pewter, and we need bronze.  13563117_10154363125892375_1345108395_n

Can you guess what we did?  Yes, we painted the hardware with bronze opulence to match the dresser! Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

I also decided to line the drawers with a beige and bronze removable print, since the bronze in the print seemed perfect to compliment the dresser so nicely. Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel DresserSince the print comes in a roll I made sure to measure, cut with an Exacto and then iron them each out flat  so they wouldn’t curl up in the drawers.   Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

Our clear Satin Protective Finish was used to seal the entire piece for protection.  This dresser now has quite a regal appearance to it.

The ResultBarn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

Also, since the drawers push in flush with the dresser, rather than fall in front of the dresser, as a precaution where the wood rubs against the wood I rubbed a little Daddy vans all natural beeswax to prevent any sticking.  This is always my ‘go to’ to prevent sticking drawers, and its non toxic, VOC free  just like all of our Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint Products we use. Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

I normally try to avoid sharing unstaged photos in my shop like this but how insane is it that the photos of the dresser with no fancy lighting in my shop is more true to color than my fully staged photos!  It’s a mystery  😛  I’m happy to say that my customer stopped by to see the dresser in person since the photos couldn’t truly capture the accurate color..  and she loves it!  Barn Door Meets Metallic Bronze Drexel Dresser

Thanks for following along with me.  xoxo

I’ve been adding links to some of the items that I use in staging my photos since I’m often asked where I find them.

  • Distressed lamp can be found here.
  • Floral arrangement can be found here.
  • Candelabra can be found here.

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